KeepSafe 1.1

KeepSafe 1.1: Protect all of your most important files as you work on them – in real time! KeepSafe can be configured to protect certain file types (i.e.-.doc, .xls, .pst, etc.) or entire directories (i.e. "My Documents"). From then on, anytime a change is saved to one of those files, KeepSafe will automatically back up that file to a user defined location (typically a server, external drive, or backup directory on local machine). KeepSafe can even keep multiple revisions (the number set by the user), so if a key data file gets corrupted

Private InfoKeeper 2.8: Innovative data security system to protect your confidential information on PC
Private InfoKeeper 2.8

Keeper provides a highly encrypted and password protected environment for your sensitive data. It enables you to store logins/passwords, commercial information, contacts data with pictures, PIN codes, software serial numbers, insurance information, calling card data and lots more. Also Private InfoKeeper is able to encrypt entire files. Unexcelled web browser integration allows Private InfoKeeper gather and fill logins and passwords silently without

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Sitekeeper 3.5: Automated systems management software…simplified! Now including new Patchkeeper
Sitekeeper 3.5

Sitekeeper makes the essentials of systems management quick, affordable, and as easy as clicking your mouse. Staying on top of patches and software licenses are vital to keeping your site safe, legal and in compliance. Automate your systems management the affordable and easy way with Sitekeeper 3.5!

patch management, systems management, sitekeeper, asset management, license compliance, software deployment

Drafts-keeper 1.1: Manage megatons of your notes with ease at work and at home.
Drafts-keeper 1.1

With Drafts-Keeper you can make a lot of password-protected and safely encrypted notebooks. For example, several books - for home, a few others - for office. Then you can work with all these books simultaneously: easy copying and moving notes and group of notes between them, quickly finding necessary note or text. Program is so small, so you can place it on one diskette with your notes and take it home to keep working on weekends.

drafts, notes, notebook, keeper, diary

Password Keeper 3.12: Surely you know the problem of having 1000`s of passwords. Did you ever forget o
Password Keeper 3.12

Keeper comes in. With this program you can administer all of your usernames and passwords. When you were asked for a password again, and you can`t think of one, then you let Password Keeper come up with a very secure password. Password Keeper generates new secure passwords for you. If a new program or web page wants a new password, then generate a secure password with the password generator. It is stored automatically in the database and you don`

password, security, secure, password keeper, keeper

Expense Sharer 1.16: Get overview of who owes who how much at any time.
Expense Sharer 1.16

ExpenseSharer permits you to easily keep track of your and your friends expenses. By keeping track of who pays for what during f.ex. a vaccation, you can get an overview of who owes who how much at any time. By using the Palm Desktop integrated user interface, you can transfer your data to PC and easily send an email to your friends. You can also use ExpenseSharer to keep track of your own expenses.

trip, friends, track, money, adapt, budget, excel, travel, share, expenses, business, utility

Crystal Keeper 1.6: Great new 3D mix of arcade and first person shooter with an online contest
Crystal Keeper 1.6

keep the crystals in their places. The more crystals you manage to keep, the faster your life magic grows. When it hits the 100% mark, you are taken to the next game level. Be sure not to let it drop to zero, otherwise you will have to start from the very beginning. In the Timed mode you are just given 5 minutes to play - try to kill as many monsters as you can. Crystal keeping does not matter much here, the main goal is to gain points and to top

adventure, missions, strategy, codes, half life, cheats, bombs, rooms, keys, bullets, weapons, antivirus, classic

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